How to Clean Your Carpet 

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We buy carpets for our floor because it has a lot of advantages. It can make the house pleasing to look at, eliminate squeaky sounds created by wooden floor and makes the children safe. However, carpet can get dirty too. It gets dirt from spills and stains that might not be healthy for the people who live in the house. That’s why it’s important to keep the carpet clean through many different cleaning methods like deep cleaning, vacuuming and stain removal. We are going to share with you some carpet cleaning methods you can do.


 Own a Carpet Cleaning System  

If you have pets and kids around the house or of your carpet is light-colored, you can opt to buy a professional-style model that is designed for home use. Carpet cleaners will save you bucks compared to hiring a carpet cleaning professional several times per year. Just remember though that the unit might not have the same cleaning power that carpet cleaning professionals have.


Dry Extraction Method  

To wash your carpet, you can also use dry extraction method as your cleaning system. What you have to do is first, spread a dry absorbent compound in the carpet, and then vacuum it. Even though the chemicals and dry machine are more costly, they are more effective that steam cleaners.

Water Extraction Method 

One of the popular carpet cleaning system steam cleaners or also known as the water extraction unit. To clean your carpet, inject a solution into the carpet pile then pull the dirty solution back to the machine. If you find it a hassle to drag a hose around, you can buy the unit which doesn’t require a hookup. To ease the burden of water extraction, you can choose the one with a carpet cleaning machine.

Hiring Professional Cleaners 

If you don’t want to clean the carpet yourself, you can hire a professional. You can opt between dry extraction cleaning and steam cleaning. Professionals have more powerful cleaning equipment that will do wonders for your dirty carpet. Just remember to choose the professionals wisely.

Renting a Carpet Cleaner 

If you don’t want to opt for hiring a professional, you can rent a professional-quality cleaner from rental center. These cleaners have additional power. Just make a final decision when renting one though, because it can quickly strain your budget, for example the price of cleaning solutions and the rental fee.


Other tip: To protect your carpet padding, furniture and subfloor when you clean your carpet, ask for help when removing the furniture. If you’re using a vacuum, thoroughly clean the carpet. If you are using rented cleaner, make sure it is recommended by the carpet manufacturer.

Those are the ways you can clean your carpet. However, remember that the cleaning system might still depend on the type of carpet you have in your house. Clean your carpet at least several times per year so allergens, germs and bacteria won’t penetrate in the carpet.

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